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  1. Hawk096


    I pray this is isn’t a scam... god I’ve missed the Huddle! Any one know if the guys like 94, Pottsie, Ida, Berger, 83 and Valdez are aware this running?! WOW I’m at a loss of words and hope this is legit and gets going again! Used to be popping in the day!
  2. Hawk096

    Brackets 2012

  3. Hawk096

    Hawks interested in super Mario?

    Yeah his injury past scares me. We spent a lot of money on Sydney Rice (given his production for us) and that might turn out to be a bust of a signing. I don't want to write off Rice yet. I like him a lot, but injuries in the NFL are part of the game. Hopefully if we land Mario he can get...
  4. Hawk096

    Mariners Hotels on the Road-2012

    One tip for you M fans looking to see them at hotels. When I went to Miami and found the hotel the Seahawks were staying at I ended up hanging out a majority of the time just in the lobby and getting autographs that way. This way you can stay at another hotel (one that's more costly for you) and...
  5. Hawk096

    Tez is in

    Got my tickets to the Induction weekend! If anyone from the Huddle is going to be able to make it let me know. We should try and get something going!
  6. Hawk096

    Actual Fans! What a relief

    PS- Welcome to the site and looking forward to your opinions and interactions!
  7. Hawk096

    Actual Fans! What a relief

    Like Bob said "Matt wouldn't have made it out of the pre-season." The Jackson signing was only made given the line's questions. Given a decent line Matt is better than Jackson, but with our line we had to go with a more mobile quarterback than Matt.
  8. Hawk096

    Madden 12

    How is it? Yet to buy or see a copy of it! Is it worth the $?...
  9. Hawk096

    The Defense

    Here's the article I was talking about that I wrote after Ruskell left Seattle: For the second year in a row the Seattle Seahawks have found themselves finishing its season off in which they will be playing for no playoff spot or division title. In 2008 the Seahawks lost a total of 14 players...
  10. Hawk096

    The Defense

    It's funny how when Ruskell left the team I wrote a piece about his failing to "build" for the future. That's evident as ever! He never took guys to groom from Hasselbeck instead went with guys like David Greene. He never drafted a guy like Russell Okung to learn from Walter Jones. Now I love...
  11. Hawk096

    Pete Carsalesman has ran us into the ground .

    Look I love Lofa I think everyone on the Huddle knew that, but I respect Pete Carroll in trying to find the pieces to building a winner. Remember for years he coached college, where he had to recruit guys and hope they stayed the full 4-years, but if they didn't he filled the hole. That's what...
  12. Hawk096

    Official 53-Man Roster

    Cole couldn't have been PUPed because he already had passed his physical and was added to the 53-man roster.
  13. Hawk096

    Huddle Pick 'Ems 2011

    Not that I know of...
  14. Hawk096

    BUZZ 2011 - Preseason 3 at Denver

    I love these! They're great with the puns and the drawing techniques! Can't wait for Opening Day one!
  15. Hawk096


    Welcome to the huddle! I follow you on Twitter... @Seahawk096
  16. Hawk096

    Clinton Portis

    I heard the Portis tryout was nothing more than just see how he does and if need to make a move after week 2 they've seen him. Not sure if it's cause of Lynch's ankle or other roles might be playing into the decision.
  17. Hawk096

    Official 53-Man Roster

    We cut Jeff Reed yesterday and signed the Broncos K Steven Hauschka. Also cut Vobora.
  18. Hawk096

    Huddle Pick 'Ems 2011

  19. Hawk096

    Chargers pre-season game Thursday

    Szat- That's the one technology phase I'm in Stone Age in. Sadly I don't have DVR :( I'll be able to watch the highlights on the plane though Friday and will have to read about it from the papers and you guys!
  20. Hawk096

    Tale of the Tape: Preseason Week 1 @Los Angeles Chargers of San Diego

    Man I missed these 94! Glad football is back!!!!
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