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  1. dizzle498

    If I Had the $$$

    As I understand it, owning the stock (The fine print) gives you no actual say in the team, regardless of how much stock you own. I think it is really just a fun thing to have. It even says that no matter how much the team goes up in value, your shares don't increase in value either. I...
  2. dizzle498

    Would David Garrard Help Our Hawks?

    I think he would. He is more proven than both Chaz Whitehurst and T Jax, he has proven he can win with the right pieces too, I say we pick him up!
  3. dizzle498

    Which QB Should Start?

    I am still baffled how Caroll can name TJ the starter when he has a spotty record at best and had never practiced with the team to that point. Pete, what ever happened to competition?
  4. dizzle498

    Take A Flyer On Pryor ?

    Raiders drafted his dumb ass as a wide receiver. Did they over pay with a 3rd round draft pick? Of course, but that is what the Raiders do, they over pay for every one that can run a sub 4.0 40. Ever since our days in the AFC West, the Raiders have rocked this philosophy, it hasn't changed...
  5. dizzle498

    Which QB Should Start?

    I am going to agree with Milloy on this one...Chaz Whitehurst needs to get the start...Even when Tavaris had an in his prime Adrian Peterson, he was average at best in Minnesota. I don't like that at all. Chaz has been cutting up 2nd string defenses, while Jackson has been struggling a bit...
  6. dizzle498

    Vikings @ Seahawks

    Pumped up to see this game myself. Lots 'o friendly faces over there.
  7. dizzle498

    robert gallery

    Fan noise is generally low on the offensive side of the ball. At Qwest, most fans know to be quiet when we are on O. I don't think that will be a problem. In regards to Zach Miller, this is a great pick up...now if we could only find someone to get him the ball...
  8. dizzle498

    Go get Bryant Mckinnie now

    Wouldn't be bad to get a veteran presence in the locker room like McKinnie. Doubt he could play left tackle, but I think he could add some depth to the line. Always a good idea to have more lineman than less...besides he is a proven pro bowler.
  9. dizzle498

    We signed Zach Miller

    This is a great signing...Miller is going to be just the solution we need in the short passing game. This is really going to open things up for Rice down the field. Miller can block as well as catch passes. He is in the top 4 or 5 tight ends in the league...considering his youth, he may be...
  10. dizzle498

    Lofa Out!

    Good bye Lofa, maybe there will be some way that we can work out a deal, ala AJ Hawk and the Packers, but with our management I doubt it. Damn, our team is really reeling here...WTF is going on? I sure hope Pete has a plan, right now, I don't see it.
  11. dizzle498

    We got Rice !!!!

    Hopefully Rice can stay healthy. I understand that we are rebuilding a little bit, Rice is only 26, so that would be in line with our goals. Would be nice to make some noise during our "rebuilding" though. No doubt about that.
  12. dizzle498


    I heard this rumor too, I think this was before the Tavaris Jackson signing though. I would be doubtful that he would come at this point. We already have 15 million tied up in our QB position this year. Bringing in Vince for another 8 - 10 would not be to smart. Should have thought about...
  13. dizzle498


    This would be great. We would have 3 viable QB's on the roster. Vince is a proven winner, and would be the best thing behind our suspect offensive line. I just posted about this in another thread, but I think Vince would be the best option for us going into this season. Would be a little bit of...
  14. dizzle498

    Reports coming out the Tarvaris Jackson will sign with the Seahawks! NOOOOOO!

    Vince is certianly more proven than Jackson is. Vince is something liek 18 - 9 in his starting career. Jackson got benched for old man Favre. I like the Jackson signing, I am just saying that Vince would have made us more viable much faster. Heck Vince made the pro bowl one season, I hope...
  15. dizzle498

    Gallery agrees to Terms with the HAWKS

    OK, OK< so our QB's are not elite, heck they are not even in the top 32 of QB's in the league...at least not yet. At least they can scramble... Oh God! Is that was I have been reduced to? Rooting for a QB that can scramble? This might be a long season...Matty H, please say it isn't so!
  16. dizzle498

    Reports coming out the Tarvaris Jackson will sign with the Seahawks! NOOOOOO!

    I like the Taveris signing. Is he going to lead us to the super bowl? Prolly not, but he will bridge the gap till we can get a franchise guy. Both him and Chaz can scramble pretty good, combine that with some decent wideouts, we have a chance to be better than last year. Hopefully TJack will...
  17. dizzle498

    Gallery agrees to Terms with the HAWKS

    We have 2 good QB's now. We have TJax and Chaz "Check out my cool beard" Whitehurst...Any insinuation that these two are not elite will get you a hard thumbs down sir!
  18. dizzle498

    The elephant in the room !

    He is gone in Seattle, I would be really surprised if we kept him. Not saying Whitehurst is the long term answer, I am only saying that Hasselbeck is not either. I love MH, but he has run his course here in Seattle.
  19. dizzle498

    NFL Season is a GO! BYE BYE LOCKOUT!

    Going to be a buyers market, and with our cap room, and Matty going buy buy, we should be able to do something. I wouldn't mind Leinart coming up here honestly. He is a good QB, or was at least. Maybe reunited with Pete will have a similar effect on him as did Mike Williams. Never know.
  20. dizzle498


    Thanks for all your good work here. You do a great job. Looks like you will be back around July 21st. Talk to you soon!