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  1. LaceyBALL3R360

    MOSS a 49er

    sounds kinda scary too me. hes had a year off to get his legs fresh, saints said he looked great, and he's Randy Moss. i felt like all that was missing for the 9ers to be a top team was a go to wr depending how smith performs. i still think smith is a pretty iffy qb, and i am positive that we...
  2. LaceyBALL3R360

    Marshawn Lynch re-signed!

    http://blogs.nfl.com/2012/03/04/lynch-signs-deal-with-seahawks-for-four-years-31-million/?module=HP11_breaking_news 4 YEARS 31 MIL...MOST IMPORTANT OFFSEASON MOVE CHECKED OFF
  3. LaceyBALL3R360

    Roster Analysis

    http://blog.thenewstribune.com/seahawks/2012/01/13/roster-analysis-11/#more-12756 interesting breakdown of the roster
  4. LaceyBALL3R360

    I Would Like to Know

    why we didnt run washington more, he had 7 for 39 good numbers.with a 3 point deficit the whole game im just wondering why
  5. LaceyBALL3R360

    Amusing Look-A-Like Article

    http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/take2/2015956410_charliewhitehurstkeithstonesandseahawkslookalikestake2.html I found this pretty funny
  6. LaceyBALL3R360

    Hutchinson HOF

    http://espn.go.com/blog/nfcwest/post/_/id/40199/hutchinson-the-hall-and-solace-for-seattle thought this was an interesting article
  7. LaceyBALL3R360

    Tavaris Jackson...LOL

    http://espn.go.com/blog/nfcnorth/post/_/id/28077/are-we-sure-on-tarvaris-jackson-to-seattle on one hand he porbbly would be decently cheap, and him and Bevell do have history...But on the othe hand it is Tavaris Jackson lol, hes unproven hasnt really played much and the time he has seen hasnt...
  8. LaceyBALL3R360

    You kno what i want to see

    I would really really like to see this year in the offseason walter jones sort of take Okung under his wing and train him...honestly theres no1 better to learn from and i feel Okung will be great regardless but with walter mentoring him he could become the best Ol in the NFL very quickly
  9. LaceyBALL3R360

    fantasy baseball

    if any1 wants to join my league we are looking for 3 competetive skilled players. would like players who stay active, draft has not been set yet been trying to wait until we had the league full so i could figure whats a good time for every1. League ID#: 175151...
  10. LaceyBALL3R360

    Mike Bell

    just found out that hes set to come visit us this week. Any thoughts on that
  11. LaceyBALL3R360

    I have a feeling

    I got a feeling that we are going to take joe mcknight with our 2nd round pick.Anyone else think agree??
  12. LaceyBALL3R360

    Ben watson

    Seahawks are visiting with him sometime this week.He's a pretty good tight end, good receiver but not a great blocker.Pretty much what we have with carlson.So what do you all think about havin dual TE's??
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