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Final 4 Bracket ( NCAA basketball )


I started a group if your interested in playing

Create a log in at ( free no obligation )


Group Name

Idaho Bracket Busters

No pass word needed


I might give it a go. I tend to suck bad at bracketology though because I'm a sucker for the underdog and tend to pick too many upsets in the early rounds. Maybe I'll try something different this time around.
Didn't follow college hoops much this year since there was no Dawg in the fight so the extent of my interest in the tournament is to see if there's a team out there capable of bumping off UK. AZ or Wisconsin maybe?


Sorry I didn't get my brackets filled out in time. I probably would have bombed anyway.

But did you watch the end of that Baylor/Georgia State game? I turned it off and started watching a Manning vs Brady program on NFL Network when Baylor started pulling away and went up by 10 or 12.
Man, talk about your bracket buster.


keep pushing, never know when its your last
A moderator must lead by example. When you claim someone is not following a rule you made but then you openly ignore that rule for yourself? That is wrongheaded and everyone knows it. Multiple times you have moved or deleted my posts claiming they were in the wrong forum. This thread, your thread, should be in the Wide World of Sports forum.