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I'm not sure if you've heard


So Ida, I'm sure you're just like every other black person in America. Not giving a fuck about his views, only advocating him because he's black...
Booooooooooohooooooooooooo. We had to endure the biggest joke of a President for the past 8 years. The VERY least you can do is give our new President a chance.
As a Bush supporter and Republican I wish Obama the best of luck. He's my leader and race isn't a question of my support for him. I wish him and Michelle the best of luck. I'll pray for him just like I did for Bush and hope that he does the best job for America. Cause it's the best country in the World!

God Bless America... God Bless the Seahawks and God Bless our leader Barack Obama!


Hawk096 said:
As a Bush supporter and Republican I wish Obama the best of luck. He's my leader and race isn't a question of my support for him. I wish him and Michelle the best of luck. I'll pray for him just like I did for Bush and hope that he does the best job for America. Cause it's the best country in the World!

God Bless America... God Bless the Seahawks and God Bless our leader Barack Obama!
Here, here!
I didn't vote for him, and honestly I'm getting a little weirded out by this guy's cult-like following full of people who support him solely because Kayne West likes him and not based on actual ideas. With that being said, he's still my president and I wish him the best of luck and hope he lives up to his hype. I just hope all the liberals who blame Bush for everything including stubbing their toe on the coffee table give W some credit when Iraq has a fully functional democratic government in place.


Bush endured two wars, Hurricane Katrina, 9/11, an assassination attempt, etc. He went through arguably the most difficult campaign ever sustained by an American president. So, it's unfair to criticize him so harshly, if at all.

Frankly, I'm getting sick of people treating Obama like he can walk on water. Everyone's view on him is so convoluted and clouded by the fact that he's black. Most people don't consider his views and only voted for him because of his race... That makes me sick.
Um, it was not what Bush endured, it was how he handled those events. Poorly, in my opinion. What moron lowers taxes and raises government spending in an expansionary period?

If you really think Bush gets unfairly criticized, I hope you have compassion for Obama when he fails to meet the ridiculous expectations that everyone has set for him. If Bush had arguably the most difficult campaign ever endured by an American president (although you could easily argue FDR or Lincoln), then Obama cannot be far behind, inheriting all of this. And that would be a true statement if McCain had won the election, too.


Unlike liberals I never threatened to move to Canada if my guy didn't win, I do have compassion of Obama and know his job is going to be tough...But if the liberals would look at Bush with some compassion and not place blame they'd see he led the country in one of it's toughest periods ever.

Most libs don't understand history and think problems with the world started with Bush's swearing "So Help Me God", not the case. Most don't understand that the things that happened in the last 8 years were a circle of history continuing.

MidEast---Fighting Since Time Began
Isreal------A creation of Harry Truman (a Demo) and the UN (see: Socialist International)
Iraq--------Aid began by Carter after Iran fell to the crazy form of Muzzies (a Demo)
9/11-------Clinton had a chance to wipe out Osama but didn't want to hurt "innocent" Sudanese, didn't do anything about the Cole or Kenya Bombings
Russia------Bush was too soft on Putin and has let him get too powerful, Russia can never be a free country because every time they try the Czars, Commies, faux-Commies (Putin) take over.
Auto Industry-----Failing because most of you bitching don't BUY AMERICA (never owned a foreign car and never will), this has been going on since the '90s and Clinton's NAFTA and allowing imports unchecked while our exports are being limited.
Bail Out-----------Banks lended too much cash/credit and worked on profits, same thing happened under Cooledge and Hoover (you know what happened next).
Industry-------During the Clinton years America became a country that didn't BUILD anything, we became a techie/banking/investment country and lost the manufacturing ability. Closing mills for the hippie environment types is killing the economy.
Environment-----Uh, there is no such thing as global warming...We are still coming out of the last ice age so yeah...It's a hot period and when I say "period" I'm talking about 500 years.
Partisanship-----Started with the Election of Bush I, got worse during Clinton and during Bush II turned Washington into a joke.........Tip O'Neil and Ronald Reagan,, Tom Foley/Bush I used to be friends and got things done together, you'd never see Nancy Pelosi ever meeting with Bush II like that. Gingrich pushed the limits of good taste but he never went against the President in hurting our standing with National Security.
The Military----Clinton destablized it and Bush rebuilt it...Guess what Obama will do?
States Rights----Under Clinton the Govenment took more control Federally, now under Obama it will be much worse.
Taxes------Lowered by Bush because it was needed..There shouldn't even BE a Federal Income Tax was started to pay for WAR AND MILITARY, the only things a Federal Tax should be used for..Now it's so Suzy Rottencrotch can get knocked up and get us to pay for her little welfare bastards or so that Bruce the Sissyfagg can get his Federally Funded sex change so he can continue to spread the AIDS. Only Federal Taxes should be for Military and Roads/National Parks. Local tax should cover just services.
Our World Standing----Who cares? We are the ONLY power in HISTORY of our size who's not used that power to conquer other people, we've never marched into Canada and claimed it. The rest of the world "hates" us like some of us hate the Yankees..Because we OWN them and are the best...They can take a flying fucking leap for all I care...Who cares who "likes" us anyways?

I'll support Obama because he's my Commander in Chief...But I won't support handouts, giveaways, anti-morals, and this "One World" ideal...For those that want to stand on a Mountaintop and sing "I'd like to buy the World a Coke" because they think that "The One" being elected is going to change everything you've got alot to learn about life, history, and the way the REAL WORLD works...
Iraq - Aide BARELY began. It was Reagan that fully escalated it.

9/11 - Clinton definitely botched that up. But Bush did nothing with the intel that an attack was imminent. Shared blame for sure.

Auto Industry - I do not blame Bush for this at all. I blame the people leading GM that cannot produce a car that people want to buy. It is the most basic business concept and GM dropped the ball. Ford gets it and got it a long time ago, which is why they are in decent shape. I own a Honda. The car is light years ahead of any GM car. You just feel the quality. I am not going to buy a piece of shit just because it is American. That is ridiculous. Especially when my Honda was made in Ohio.

Bail Out - I blame politicians in general for this, but largely Republicans supporting deregulation of the industry.

Industry - The general business environment of the United States is to blame for this, which means everyone. Labor is just too expensive here. Why would I, as a business, pay someone $25/hr to make something when I could do it for $2/hr in China?

Environment - Call it whatever you want. But saying that humans and their activities are not affecting the earth is just turning a blind eye to the problem. "We did not put a hole in the ozone." "That nasty haze hanging over our cities is completely natural." Rrrrrrrrrrrright.

Partisanship - I hate it. Personally, I would rather see several national parties, not two.

Military - It was Bush 1 that actually started that trend. Read "See No Evil." Amazing book. Clinton did accelerate the trend. I think Bush 2 put the military back, but I think he failed to advance it. I do not believe it is a 21st century military. And I do not think Obama can get away with shrinking the military. People will crucify him for it.

State Rights - Bush 2 is just as guilty.

Taxes - Yes, it was needed in 2001 when Bush did it. The problem is, you cannot just leave taxes cut and then spend ridiculously. It does not work.

As for not using our power to conquer others, that is true in the literal sense. However, we use our power in other ways that are similar (i.e. over throwing governments, economic sanctions, etc.).

I also expect you to make a donation of your tax break that you will get from Obama because you do not believe in hand-outs. A charity of your choice will be sufficient. ;)


People who follow Obie and claim "he's going to change the world" are sick...

It's cultish and is exactly how dictatorships are born...Think of it this way.

1930's Germany:
Poster of Hitler everywhere
People claiming "Hitler is going to change the world"
Blind Worship
Blind Following
Attacking all who don't follow as "non-progressive"
Total Control by Majority Rule of the Reichstag (Congress)
Total Control By Majority Rule of the Bundestag (Senate)
Talk of a "New Order" or "way of doing things"

Obama FOLLOWERS (and yes they are FOLLOWERS for the most part) are warped and don't have a sense of history, call it "half truths" that I listed but they aren't....The Democratic Party IS the party of Slavery, Socialism, and One World Government, you can't change history no matter how many times you claim "half truths".

Most Republicans never "followed" Bush or made him into a diety...Funny that alot of libs are anti-God, but then it makes sense..They don't follow Our Lord so they have to find something to worship...I guess they've got Obama..

Personally, I think they stupid.....The best Liberal Arguement for Obama is "He's better than Bush", that is the logic they display....Funny how many of them don't realize they may be following the AntiChrist right into h---e---double hockey sticks. Read about it..

Faux Religion: Check
Complete Blind Followers: Check
Control of Government: Check
Mass Media: Check
Fans in Other Nations: Check
Anti-Isreal: Check
Anti-Rome: Check
Muslim Roots: Check
Hidden/Unconfirmed Past Life: Check (Shit, he doesn't even KNOW if he lived in Seattle for sure let alone whereever else)
Powerful Speaking: Check
Ablility to Control Masses: Check
People who will silence dissent: Check
Being Called "Messiah, The One" etc: Check

...Obama has all the signs of that..

And when the good Lord asks me if I followed Obama.....I'm going to very much be able to say "NOPE, I was one of the people who tried to stop it"...

Obama has all the marks of an AntiChrist and has all the following of a cult, call it "crazy" but history repeats itself and most Amerikans are too fucking dumb to see it...Most Amerikans are too busy worrying about Michelle's dress or Oprah's fatrolls....Most Amerikans have shunned religion but worship a man from Kenya..

People claimed Bush "was going to stop free elections"....Bullshit....Bush never thought of such a thing, he was an honest God Fearing man, call him "a liar" but Bush wouldn't lie because of his fear and love of our Lord....Bush might have been wrong but he wasn't out to take over and make himself king...

Barry meanwhile has ALL THE TOOLS TO DO THAT....He's got BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS! He's got the media, he's got his douchebag idiot FOLLOWERS who think he's "Godlike" (as I heard one actually claim), he's got the power, and he's got the support..

If the Supreme Court loses 1 Conservative Member it's a that becomes 5-4 Obama, which means there are NO CHECKS AND BALANCES ANYMORE and basically means Barry can crown his own ass (to quote Dennis Green) and lead the USA and the World where he pleases...

Call me "a doomsday thinker" but there has never been a time in US history that we are so close to a dictatorship...

Watch...By 2010 the 2nd Amendment will be gone so that people like me that would line up to STOP BARRACK will be in jail for owning a gun or our guns will be taken so we have no way to fight back.

Clinton helped out his boy already by making Militias illegal so he doesn't have to worry about that....

By 2011 Churches won't be Tax-Exempt anymore making it harder to congregate..

Etc. etc. etc....

Have fun following Barry.....Over the cliff.....I for one know that NO MAN who "inspires" (see: people worship him like he's the Father's Son) can be good....It's cultish and scary to think so many people don't agree with me...
LOL. A little over the edge don't you think? If you believe all that "anti-Christ" stuff, I think you need to revist your Catholic roots, my friend, and understand what the Book of Revelations actually is. Even if he is the anti-Christ, what do you care? You believe in the Lord our God, right? And that Jesus Christ is His only Son, who gave Simon Peter the keys to His church so that the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it. So if you truly believe that, then you should not have a problem when the anti-Christ comes. Chat with Fr. Ryan on this. He has some great insights.

Additionally, I have never heard of anyone call Obama the Messiah. That is ludicrous. I agree that those people have a BIG problem. Although, don't you think there is a bigger underlying problem that would cause those people to so erroneously have such a belief?

I do feel compelled to point out that arguably one of the biggest advocates of socialism was Jesus Christ Himself.

And if you support Obama because he is your Commander in Chief and really believe all this, I would argue that you are more guilty than the people actually sucked in to his "cult," or "religion" as Monstro so eloquently put it.

I voted for Obama because the Republican party is in such disarray, they have no idea what they want anymore, or even what they stand for. The only real conservative anymore is Ron Paul and he gets beat down by the party all the time. So piss on the party.

Ok. I am done. Post whatever you want, it is very obvious we have different views, which fine. We could probably go around forever. You can find all kinds of things to back your viewpoint. I can do the same. We do have one common belief: Seahawks. :mrgreen: