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Snow, Snow, and more Snow !


I have 25 inches at my house in less then 24 hours with 6-10 expected..I just spent 3 hours digging out .

Spokane and North Idaho are crippled right now...its un real

I hear sundays game may be in the snow...remember last year :cry:
I was trapped in West Seattle. They closed the bridge and the hills leading out. I guess the bridge is somewhat open now.

Why does this equation seem to be true: Seahawks + Brett Favre = SNOW. 2006 at the Q, last year in GB, and now possibly at the Q again.
Come on out to New York for one winter and you'll be all snowed out! We're getting ready for a minor storm tonight... Expected to land 18 inches... Nothing for us! I hate snow and the cold!

Blue Demon

Looks like we have a foot here tonight, probally eight of it from today.
I love this stuff. We went out sledding today and walked around town checking out the snow. The waterfront park in Bremerton was so beautiful with the snow piled up on the trees and rocks and sculptures.
Sorry for everybody who has to go to work, but I'm calling in a snowday and taking some leave to enjoy this with my kids.
I've lived in the Bremerton for 47 of my 50 years, and I've only seen this twice before.
We have about 11 inches here now... It won't let up, I love it lol. I can't remember this ever happening, just snowing for like a week straight.... It's madness, me and my friend found an empty icy parking lot yesterday and his car has rear-wheel drive... Need I say more?


I've had about enough snow its become a chore and a pain in the ass...every f-ing day having to shovel or snow blow...and the drifts have made it twice as deep in places....I am hiring all seahawks fans that like to throw snowballs to come on over and throw all the snow out of my driveway..theres beer involved :D