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Recent content by Idahawk

  1. Idahawk

    Big Willy $

    Btw glad to see guys posting , it's going to be a busy summer but I'll do my best to keep things current
  2. Idahawk

    Big Willy $

    Look at what Tannehill got .... Pay the man and hope that the same system that found all these great players is sustainable as you lose guys to FA down the road. I'd love for Wilson to be that guy and take a discount to help the team but he's already done more than most do in a carreer and...
  3. Idahawk

    Tom Brady Suspended 4 games...

    Give the NFL props , integrity of the game is more important then any one team or player , I figured with Goodels relationship with Kraft and Troy Vincent handing down the punishment that it was going to be a slap on the wrist . Brady should have just copped to it and it would have never gone...
  4. Idahawk

    Tom Brady Suspended 4 games...

    Without Pay , for conduct detrimental to the league Patriots fined 1 million dollars , lose their 1st round pick next year and a 4th the year after that . Patriots staff involved suspended also .
  5. Idahawk


    If you let the Ram get to you then he beat you and the sites not going down because of one guy ? That's weak The fact there is nothing going on is nobodies fault but our own .
  6. Idahawk


    If people don't create topics then there's nothing to discuss . I removed the Ram and his constant trolling so maybe it will pick up again , if not I'm only one person , sorry if they pull the plug :) it's fire season and I own a Bbq business so I'm super busy this time of year . I'll try and...
  7. Idahawk

    No 5th year option of Bruce Irvin

    I think if the troubled Randy Gregory falls to Seattle in the 2nd they'd take him , I believe Irvin showed his ass just a bit to much over the Harvin trade to the Jets and He called out the coaches after the Super Bowl loss. I think he's wrote himself a ticket out of Seattle .
  8. Idahawk

    RB with torn ACL

    Zac Stacy asks for trade .....
  9. Idahawk

    Schedule Release talk

    I'm digging the second half of the schedule , after the bye week they have 3 straight games at home and 5 of the last 8 at home .
  10. Idahawk

    So long to Clare Farnsworth

    As much a part of Seahawks History as anyone I can think of , gonna miss his articles . http://bit.ly/1Ot4mcb
  11. Idahawk

    Plug up the Middle , check !

    Seahawks Mobile: Nose tackle Ahtyba Rubin signs with Seahawks http://bit.ly/1CDLGSk Sent from my iPad
  12. Idahawk

    Final 4 Bracket ( NCAA basketball )

    keep pushing, never know when its your last
  13. Idahawk

    40th Anniversary Team

    Seahawks Mobile: Which current players belong on the Seahawks’ 40th Anniversary team? http://bit.ly/1DtyLUx Sent from my iPad
  14. Idahawk

    Wow, it must suck being a Niner fan these days.

    Willis , Borland from the 49 ers , Locker walks away with 26 million Teams are going to have to put some type of a clause in these contracts that protects them from gold diggers that want a pay day and then bail . I understand the concern but taking money and quitting ? That isn't going to fly...
  15. Idahawk

    Final 4 Bracket ( NCAA basketball )

    Gonzaga and Eastern Washington made it :)
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