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Recent content by Striker

  1. Striker

    Superbowl XLV: Pittsburgh Steelers vs Green Bay Packers

    I hate this SB honestly. I cannot root for either team, yet I have to root against the Steelers cause...well FUCK the Steelers. I won't ever ever get over that SB where we got so much taken away. And when the ref apologized not to long ago it was like throwing salt in old wounds. I like...
  2. Striker

    Video of Marshawn Lynch's 67 Yard Touchdown Run

    YouTube - Marshawn Lynch's Tecmo Bowl Run YouTube - Marshawn Lynch's 67 yard TD run against the Saints...According to Tecmo
  3. Striker

    Official Game Day Thread: Seahawks @ Bears - 1/17: LOSS 35 - 24

    I question his effort in this game not for the season or the future. And getting on the highlight reel when the game is out of our hands is more like a pat on the back than something to be truly proud of. It doesn't take away all the plays he left on the field. As I watched the game I saw Matt...
  4. Striker

    Official Game Day Thread: Seahawks @ Bears - 1/17: LOSS 35 - 24

    This game was hard for me to stomach. I was hoping we would win it, I knew we could win it, but for some reason Matt was one of the only ones laying it all on the line. Williams drove me insane with the lack of effort after getting humiliated. Couldn't win the jump ball, couldn't fight for...
  5. Striker

    Video of Marshawn Lynch's 67 Yard Touchdown Run

    NFL playoffs: Marshawn Lynch TD run made ground shake -- literally - ESPN This was pretty damn cool. Whoever says they have better fans better recognize. +1 to the 12th man
  6. Striker

    NFC Championship Game at Qwest?

    I am excited about this but realistic. Damn sure am happy we are facing the Bears and not the Falcons. Here is hoping the Falcons get knocked off cause beating them in their house would be a far tougher feat than beating the Packers on our turf. 12th man strikes again!:sword:
  7. Striker

    Jacobs wants traded...Would we want him?

    I honestly like Jacobs and find him to be a solid rusher, though not a prolific NFL HOF or anything along those lines. I do believe if the price was right he would be a solid fit for our team to improve on the ground. NFL.com news: Report: Giants' frustrated RB Jacobs will ask for trade I say...
  8. Striker

    49ers fans are sad....

    They should be mad.
  9. Striker

    Happy with Pete Carroll so far?

    Holmgren like anyone coming in to an organization in ruin had a rough start, however he had the backing of his resume that made people believe if anyone could do it he could. Mora did not have that, and I don't trust Pete either. But I will root for his success, just wish we would have gone with...
  10. Striker

    Alex Gibbs Resigns + Trade

    When I read the article that Gibbs left...man I was pissed. Hope he left his book of trade secrets, but fuck it were better off without anyone who is not all in. I would rather have a player or coach who is all in and is above average, than a player or coach who is legendary but doesn't give a...
  11. Striker

    So who is your favorite player as of right now on the Seahawks?

    Injury is my favorite member of the Seahawks. At least he brings his "A" game every season!
  12. Striker

    Josh Wilson traded to the Ravens

    Kelly "Master of the Over Pursue" Jennings has about as much technique as a brick. Terrible move am sad to see him go.
  13. Striker

    Win/Loss predictions on 2010 Season...Give it a shot.

    Your missing another game against the Rams, and it seems you counted it as a loss because your tally is allready 8-7. Splitting W/L with division rivals is a safe bet, but I believe we can beat the Rams twice. I am interested to see if we are ready to knock back the Cards twice with Boldin and...
  14. Striker

    Huddle has been stale lately...

    Wow you have to be pretty lonely to try to hype yourself up through multi-account complimenting. Maybe if your bashed yourself really bad on one it would be believable. As for Madden I love playing it but I am an avid gamer apart of a gaming community for several years now. I have a feeling I...
  15. Striker

    Leavy Apologizes for Super Bowl XL

    I still argue with Steeler fans at my work over that SB on the regular. That game was so hard to watch andstill believe the NFL isn't rigged. However I try to convince myself that it was just bad luck, least makes me feel better about the rest of the games ever played and still to be played. As...