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  1. JustDoug

    Patriots vs Seahawks Pre-Game Poll

    Like to know what your predictions are for this game and the reasons why you feel that way. Please state what your vote is, and your reasons why when you vote this week. Thanks. If memory serves me correctly, the last time that the best offense & defense met this late in the season, the game...
  2. JustDoug

    Packers vs. Seahawks Pre-game Poll

    Hop onto the e-tail gate huddlers & let me know you'r thoughts & predictions for the game please! My guess ain't worth a damn, as I'm zero for two tries so far this season... I'm favoring the Seahawks in this game even though the majority of statistical information says otherwise. While...
  3. JustDoug

    Dallas Pre-Game Poll

    What do you think? The Dallas Cowboys website is making a big deal of both Clemons & Lynch. Any thoughts, predictions, comments from the huddle?
  4. JustDoug

    Beast Mode 24!

    Marshawn Lynch is getting incredibly close to being a top five or six runningback in the league just when it counts the most, as the end of the season brings weather patterns that force a lot of teams to turn towards the running game a little bit more. Right now MJ-D is leading the league in...
  5. JustDoug

    Seahawks at Denver PreGame

    Here are the early stats prior to this preseason game that I like: Total First Downs: Seattle 44, and their opponents have only 27 Denver 42, and their opponents have had 41 Rushing Yards: Seattle 283, and their opponents have only 193 Denver 220, and opponents...
  6. JustDoug

    Seafair & Favorite Hydroplane

    This weekend's hydroplane races is the perfect storm to prelude NFL football for a long time resident such as myself. If you're interested in following up with the unlimited series here's the web address: http://www.h1unlimited.com/# (sorry not a link, you have to copy & paste) My...
  7. JustDoug

    Offensive Line

    The top five projected starters have never played a single game together; Okung, Gallery, Unger, Moffitt, & Carpenter. Having never played o-line myself (too light in the ass), I don't expect great pass protection this year, but I do see a more talented group of players on the field. Will the...
  8. JustDoug

    Add another Seahawk fan to the list.

    I'm really really liking what I see being assembled by the current brass. This young offensive line will take a while to develope, but once they do mature to that point...Boom! Anyways, my name is Doug, and it's nice being amongst other hawk fans.
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