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  1. Irish Hawk 12

    Announcement New Designs 2020

    Where is everyone
  2. Irish Hawk 12

    11/07 bye week

    Bye week
  3. Irish Hawk 12

    Anyone home?

    ((((Knocking on glass window))))) Hello?
  4. Irish Hawk 12

    I am Back

    Brother!!!! long time
  5. Irish Hawk 12

    Really Brown?

    Your 36 get your ass on the field and play
  6. Irish Hawk 12

    Adams was he worth it?

    I am behind it but...
  7. Irish Hawk 12

    Do you like Russell Wilson?

    Always be a fan no matter what team he is on as long it is not the Rams or Dallas
  8. Irish Hawk 12

    I am Back

    I just got to get use to be back in the huddle and remember to log in and quit talking to myself.
  9. Irish Hawk 12

    Is anyone home??

    I am Back
  10. Irish Hawk 12

    I am Back

    Yes Irish Hawk is back, I have been just sitting home alone all this season, my dog is trained for all touchdowns and enjoys the Seahawks Running down the field.
  11. Irish Hawk 12

    This place looks dead. What happened? I'm back.

    wow Ramswrath was here we were honored by his presense
  12. Irish Hawk 12

    what the heck was Sunday?

    As to say Sunday was pathetic, worst as far as I concern again with the penltys correct me If I am wrong 133 yards Seahawks, i get that we are agressive
  13. Irish Hawk 12

    2005 vs 2013 who you got ?

    i do as well have the whole seasonbon DVD
  14. Irish Hawk 12

    Game Day -Saints

    look i knew this one was in the bag, lame hipe from the media all week my score was 41 14 hawks not far off, i gave the them 7 extra for a hanicap. The battlefield is 100 yards long
  15. Irish Hawk 12

    Flynn lives !

    he may end up next being traded to the Texans they imploded this last Sunday
  16. Irish Hawk 12

    Ahh the memories

    great to be seen
  17. Irish Hawk 12

    Raiders release Matt Flynn

    Flynn was supposed to be the better MH and Pete saw aomething and got rid of him in a hurry
  18. Irish Hawk 12

    Ahh the memories

    with the Seahawks it is no longer about just football it is a 100 yard battlefield
  19. Irish Hawk 12

    Are you Hungry ?

    yep thought i would visit yesterday, but i had to work hockey and did not get a chance
  20. Irish Hawk 12

    Again with the bad call crap

    well as I have stated for many many Seasons the announcers give no love to the Seahawks in fact they go out of thier way to dis us
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