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Search results

  1. BleedsBlue12

    I am Back

    You’re back! Its Fanatic12 here brother!
  2. BleedsBlue12

    Great teams overcome

    There is less talk of that and more talk about coin tosses and unfairness. They knew there was an OT rule going into the game...so they should just shut it. Russ doing exactly what you'd want in a QB.
  3. BleedsBlue12

    Broncos at Seahawks

    The entire Bronco's nation has turned into the Whiners. Kind of makes me wish we made that 3 point chip shot and sealed their fate in regulation.
  4. BleedsBlue12

    Broncos at Seahawks

    It will be SB48 repeat and back to the RePete plan.
  5. BleedsBlue12

    No game thread today?

    Lambs still suck...
  6. BleedsBlue12

    To hot to handle

    Im not worried about the game. They played a shitty game and still were in it. Rivers was lights out and the ball bounced their way every time. It happens. Lick your wounds and move on. No need to overanalyze laying an egg on defense. Offense put in some good work so I won't complain.
  7. BleedsBlue12

    Anyone catch the Lamb’s game?

    Lambie's, you should see if this guy is available for QB. He once threw it over a mountain.
  8. BleedsBlue12

    Anyone catch the Lamb’s game?

    Is Pryor working? There is always Tebow!
  9. BleedsBlue12

    Anyone catch the Lamb’s game?

    I disagree. The Coach should evaluate his talent better at the 2nd and 3rd positions. It was obvious to be that their backups weren't ready for prime time. You gotta be held accountable for not bringing in players with talent. If you look at the Seahawks for instance we have at least depth at...
  10. BleedsBlue12

    Anyone catch the Lamb’s game?

    The Lamb's are officially one of the worst in the NFL. They haven't scored a TD or broke 10 points. The 2 QB's have 1 INT a piece. They allowed almost 200 yards rushing. They only rushed for 69 yards total. Fumbled the ball 4 times for a total of 6 TO. And they allowed 5 sacks. Nice stats...
  11. BleedsBlue12

    Anyone catch the Lamb’s game?

    Well I guess the resident jackass will be explaining the epic fail at some point. The over and under on QB’s this season is 6...I’d say over.
  12. BleedsBlue12

    Here are two interesting facts

    So how did your game workout for you Lamby? Care to give us those glaring stats? BWAAHAHAHAHA! Your team sucks like a Nevada brothel.
  13. BleedsBlue12

    Here are two interesting facts

    Since Russell Wilson started as QB in 2012 the Seahawks have gone 29-9 Since 11-20-2011 the Seahawks have not lost a game by more than 7 points. Now those are some impressive numbers people.
  14. BleedsBlue12

    CBSSports.com Super Bowl predictions

    If that's "management" then so be it. Game managers usually don't complete 67 percent and have a QB rating over 100.
  15. BleedsBlue12

    Qb power rankings

    I'm sure someone will put up 300 yards and pass him in the rating because of course he's just a manager. LOL We'll see how the SB QB does managing another run...
  16. BleedsBlue12

    Interesting fact

    There was one PI call on Wagner...it was an obvious PI call, so I wouldn't say it counts as a new rule call.
  17. BleedsBlue12

    49ers Ray McDonald arrested

    As is a number of your post.
  18. BleedsBlue12

    CBSSports.com Super Bowl predictions

    Well he managed the fuck out of that game. Pfffffffff
  19. BleedsBlue12

    Two games in a row with a safety

    Of course that was last season, but oh well.
  20. BleedsBlue12

    For Russell Wilson the sky is the limit

    And he there away a ton of balls.
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