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  1. Seahawk28

    Draft Position Question

    Seems like I've read somewhere that if the Season was already over, we would have the 12th pick. Being a Seahawk Fan, I want the win today against a Division rival on thier home field. Hell, I'd want the win no matter who we were playing. I think going out with a win, and being .500 would be a...
  2. Seahawk28

    Beating a dead horse, but what the heck

    There's been alot of talk on other threads about what to do Luck, Barkley wise. None had that as the heading, so I thought I would bring the subject to the table again. Would you trade our 1st, and 3rd, maybe a Snickers Bar included :) for either one of these guys? From what I've read as far as...
  3. Seahawk28


    Hope ya'all have a Fun time with your Kids, Grandkids, and little Trick or Treaters..Jim (Seahawk 28)
  4. Seahawk28

    WAKEUP! It's Games day Seahawks VS Cinny: whats your thouths?

    I say Seattle's Defence shows up (as usuall), and the OL gets some protection on (fill in QB's name here), and we win! havn't read a darn thing on this site all week about this game! Everybody give up already?
  5. Seahawk28

    We take it

    Just call it a gut feeling. Wallace, and company have had another week together, and the dropped balls don't happen. Then we take out the Tards, and get on a roll. Stop these damn blown routes on O, and quit with the zone in the secondary. Knock these recievers in the mouth off the line and...
  6. Seahawk28

    Seahawk28 (now)

    Glad to see she up and running again! Most here may remember me as "JP" Didn't do alot of posting, but stopped in to read almost every day. Got my best Seahawks news on the Huddle site. Anyway nice to see some familier names again ( GO HAWKS! )
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