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All things video games.

GAHHHHHHHHH!! Can't beat the devil on expert on Guitar Hero 3.. I play though the whole thing in a day, but I can't beat this last song :x :x :x :x
Madden gets old... I'll play anything that entertains me... Recently that's been Halo 3, the Halo Wars demo, Gears of War 2, Burnout Paradise, and a little Madden 09... And I found Jet Set Radio Future last week and I played a lot of guitar hero last weekend........ Wow I swear I'm not as big of a nerd as that post lets on haha.
haha yeah I'm not a big video game guru. They bore me after a short period. I enjoy reading... shockingly, but if I find a good sports book wow it's hard for me to put it down... I know loser lol.


FIFA 09 is the bomb.....Great game...Kinda getting easy for me though, I'm playing with "Create a Player" and made a superman type dude...He's got 81 goals in 14 games since his callup to the MLS with 8 left in the season...He's scored 149 times overall counting games with Team USA and minor league games.

LOL...It's like Jordan on a soccer field.
I did that in Madden... I made a QB that led the league in Rushing AND Passing. He played for the Browns and won the superbowl his rookie season lol. Braylon Edwards had over 2,000 yards receiving... It was nuts lol.



I created a RB and got drafted by the Whiners on 09 then went on to rush for over 4,000 yards and won the Superbowl then I simmed a couple of seasons ahead to F/A and signed with the Hawks....Used my own age so my guy only lasted 8 seasons but I broke Smith's all-time rushing record and made the HOF. Ended up with over 25,000 yards and 250 TDs.
I was a QB with the 'Skins broke all the records and won eight Super Bowls before I retired. I do want to comment on this... I won two of the eight with Seattle.