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Goodbye Hasselbeck , Hello.......... ?

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You think Hawks will really try to land Kolb? I think the Eagles will ask too much for him.

If Matt walks. We'll probably end up singing some old broke down vet like Collins or Bulge and draft a kid who's gonna be rushed into starting and fail.

Hopefully they get a new CBA ironed out and Hawks have time befofe FA go get him signed.
I think Carroll and Schneider are still high on Whitehurst. They will likely draft a QB, but Whitehurst will definitely be the #1 guy at the start of training camp.

Of course that's if Hasselbeck leaves.


McNabb is a remote possiblity, but if they loose Hasslebeck Id rather see them struggle with whitehurst then sell the farm and give up picks for the likes of kolb, I wasnt sold on him last year, and he got his noggin knocked around.
Bleh. I would hope for some sort of stop gap QB and get into position to draft from what is supposed to be a better QB class next year.
Haha Vince Young... I thought he's certifiably retarded. He scored like a -2 on his wondurlic (sp?)


bobflipaburger;55958 said:
I do not want VY... I'd seriously rather have Locker or Newton.
You don't want Scam Newton and Locker will be long gone before 25. VY is far better then anything that would be left at 25 .

VY is still a kid, a college kid and Pete knows how to push all the right buttons with college kids. VY is a big guy with a great arm and can run like the wind and is still young , get his head right and give him a fresh start besides Jeff Fisher is a jerk and always has been so who knows what the hell went on down there .
All joking aside this is young team that is rebuilding. They need a veteran QB with strong leadership. Vince Young does nlt have that. Imo


VYs former coach Jeff Fisher is from the Walsh coaching tree , though we was a defensive coach in SF they were considered to run a form of the WCO in Tennessee so maybe the play book wont be a huge event . I mean come on PC won with leinart ???? Think what we could have done with VY
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