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PC's dark mark


Yep that pass play was a "what the fuck" moment in Seahawks History but PC's real dark mark


Never should have happen, mistake all around, went against everything they were building.

Some have said, including Irvin, that we could have won the SB with Harvin.

The great mistake caused by Harvin was the loss of Golden Tate. Everybody talks about Harvin but I think Tate could've been enough to tip the scales. Both of them are show boaters but Tate had a way better keel than Harvin.

Imo Harvin is PC's dark spot and may have cost us that SB.


Sorry, but I have to disagree with that one. The Harvin debacle was a disaster indeed, but what cost us the game was our D being so dinged up and giving up 14 points in the fourth quarter. I can't think of but 1 or 2 games we have lost when scoring 24 points the last couple years. And a 10 point lead in the 4th should have been game over right there. And we still should have won. Maybe Tate or Harvin could have better executed the slant that we never should have ran in the first place, but ultimately we should have been in victory formation right then and not had to worry about it.


I'm not sure what your point is. Are you saying that acquiring Harvin in the first place cost us the Super Bowl or trading him earlier this season cost us the Super Bowl? If it's the latter, I'm sorry but that's just not so. Trading Harvin saved the season and if they would have kept him, they probably wouldn't have even made the playoffs.