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Seahawks Huddle get a Face Lift


In case you didn't notice... :) Seahawks Huddle has a new Look & Feel. I know I have been away for a little while, but we are finishing up some big projects and really focusing on some of the forums we have to get them ready for the NFL season.

I hope you guys enjoy the updates/fixes. If you have any comments/questions. please post them here. I would love to hear from you guys.


RockChalkSeahawk;48894 said:
Ever thought of thanking posts? They have it on other forums, I would like that. :)
Good suggestion. I have been thinking about that plug-in. We do have the helpful post thumbs up plug-in, just not on the announcement threads.


Noticed the new look right away, looks great, love the stadium BG, reminds me of GAME DAY!

Suggestion: I think polls to spark opinions and discussions are a good idea. I think that most anyone can do that already though, not sure about that.


Anyone should be able to create a poll. I will double check the permission settings, but that should already be in place.
Don't like it because whatever you've done to it, it's now getting blocked by the blocking engines at work... so now more Huddle at work.



Do you know what blocking engine they use? I have not heard of a blocking engine shutting down access based on a look and feel change. The normal rules for those pieces of software go off keywords or how search engines categorize the site. (sports, games, porn, etc...)

If you know what software your company uses, I can research to get some more information and possibly find a fix. Best I can suggest right now is maybe try a proxy?
I doesn't completely block the site... just prevents it from loading properly and renders it unusable.
Well no one else has complained so we can assume IE works. I use firefox on my computer, that works just fine and my phone is an android phone which I believe uses safari so the only popular ones left are Opera and Chrome.
It depends on the version of IE. If he has IE 6, it has all kinds of problems with newer technologies. Even 7 is questionable. Firefox is definitely better.

bob - your phone uses Google's Chrome browser.
Its IE.... not sure what version, would guess one of the newer ones. They haven't updated the browser, they have just some sort of new software that really limits everything. I use to be able to stream videos/music - that's done. Same with a lot of sites... it doesn't completely block the site... including the huddle,just says "loaded with errors" and just the dark blue seahawks background.

At home I use firefox and chrome, and no problems.
They're sounding pretty optimistic in the media outlets... fingers crossed.. I don't think I've ever been this excited for the offseason to "start"!!


Next Tuesday is going to be an important day! Lets hope there will be some good news coming from the NFL next week!