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So much for that hippie Algore...



Algore (rhymes with Igor from Frankenstein) keeps pumping up his "Global Warning" THEORY and has nothing to back it up...

I say this because on my toteboard I've been keeping it's now snowing AGAIN, that makes it 15 seperate snow events in Kent, Washington in 2008-09's Winter...

It's never snowed this many times as long as I've been in Kent....I thought last year's 10 was amazing..This is crazy!
bobflipaburger said:
Dude abnormal weather patterns are part of global warming..
Yeah... That actually is the biggest part of global warming.. remember most scientists have just changed the name to global climate change. Because that is all global warming is. The climate is always changing, the term global warming just means the mean average temp. of the planet is increasing. Not every single area, remember global warming is not based on Kent Washington, and not every single point on the planet can be increasing. I am pretty sure you were joking about the whole 'global warming is fake because of snowing' thing, because that is based on no evidence at all. But just in case you didn't know, global warming does have bias, and in his book there is base. Take a look at last years climate map. Over 80 percent of the world increased by an average temp of 1.3 degrees Celsius... might not seem like much, but believe me, in just one year that is HUGE.
Regardless if you think global warming is a hoax or not, there is no reason why we should not be moving towards "clean" energy. It is a win-win situation. First, it is a major job creation sector. Sustainability is the big thing in investing right now. Second, it removes our dependency on the limited resources of fossil fuels and places the dependency in a place that America has most always excelled in: ingenuity.

I personally do not think it takes a genius (or even anyone with a GED) to look out over a city on a warm day and see that nasty brown hue and conclude that our CO2 emissions are having an effect on our planet.