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Yankee Topic...



They suck..Overpriced park...Overpriced team....

Got crushed by the Tribe....lol

Yankee topic..... :lol:
:) 94 I feel so honored :)

-So Xavier has been placed on DL and is fearful of a possible another Tommy John Surgery.

-Yanks open up the new palace with an embarrassing 10-2 loss to the Tribe.

-First hit at the staduim: Johnny Damon Single :)
bob- I aint hatin on the M's :( I just need to vent my saddness at the Yankees.

Serious thing though:
I have thought of going out to Seattle for a Yank/M game and then look around, but the parents still say "No" they are afraid I go out there, but never come back :( God I wish I had $$.
Well you said you liked the M's.... As I'm sure you're well aware everyone either loves or hates the yankees and I sure as hell don't love them.


bobflipaburger said:
lol I'm tempted to just rant about how much I hate the yankees and then lock the thread.

And I'd let ya! :lol:
Yeah Yanks are the Cowboys of baseball. You either love or hate 'em. My grandfather who was my role model was a Yankee fan. I would always watch Yankee games with him so that's why I am and always will be a Yankee fan. Plus I'm used to taking the hating from fans. Everyone in NY calls me a loser for liking the Seahawks.


It doesn't offend me at all! And I think she should anyways...