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Bradley Chubb on Russell Wilson: Dope to see how he handled criticism last year

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Bradley Chubb is now a member of the Dolphins, but he was with the Broncos until being traded around last year's deadline and that means he got a close view of quarterback Russell Wilson's disappointing first season in Denver.

During an appearance on Dolphins teammate Tyreek Hill's It Needed To Be Said podcast, Chubb was asked about that experience. Hill said that one "pro" of not being with the Broncos anymore was that Chubb does not have to hear Wilson say "Let's Ride" any more and noted one instance when Wilson dropped his catchphrase in the wake of a Broncos loss.

Chubb said that was "a little sad," but that Wilson didn't walk around the team's facility saying it and he had a generally positive review of the way Wilson handled a difficult year.

“He gets so much flak. It’s crazy, bro, because he do the absolute most that he can possibly do to make sure that he’s the best he possibly can be, you know what I mean?” Chubb said. “He doesn’t miss a step. When he has a fluke year like this, bro, you just have to chalk it up. Bro, you had a bad year. But it gets so glorified because of who he is, who he’s been, what he’s done. You have to look it as a nod to who you are as a person. 'I'm on this pedestal, everybody wants to knock me down.' That's how it is with him. All the different allegations, he has to sit there and take it. It was dope to see how he just stayed the same person throughout it all. It was unfortunate that we just couldn’t reach the potential that we all thought we was going to be.”

Hill seemed to agree with the idea that Wilson took too much criticism for a down year, but he and Chubb will have their attention elsewhere as they try to move to the top of the AFC East this season. Wilson and the Broncos will be fending for themselves with a new head coach and what they hope will be a brighter future.

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