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Terrible Fans!


My son is a HUGE Baltimore Ravens fan and we live in Montana. We decided that it would be a "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunity for him, not only to see his favorite team....but also to have the experience of a live NFL game. Of course, we were dressed in Ravens colors. In the middle of the 2nd quarter, 4 young men came and sat behind us. Not surprisingly, they were drinking. One of them was saying how he wished he could see a Ravens player get stabbed. When I asked him why he was being so disrespectful, he called me a "filthy, smelly, p***y". I took a picture with my digital camera of him giving me "the finger". A girl got directly in my son's face and said " go back to Baltimore, you "f*****g f****t" (that last word was derogatory for a person's sexual orientation). Walking back to the vehicle, I was called "slut, whore"....JUST BECAUSE I WAS A RAVENS FAN! We never expected Seattle fans to be so VICIOUS and CRUEL...but we will let people know....every chance we get! We will definitely discourage people who are planning a trip to Seattle (for a NFL game). I also intend to write a letter to the editor of the Seattle paper about our experience (with the Seahawks fans)...and I will be sending the picture of this disrespectful fan. Thank you, Seahawk fans, for showing your "true colors"!
Well, I am sorry you had a bad experience at the game. But to judge all Seahawk fans based on your bad experience with a few drunk idiots, is like me saying all people from Montana are "un-educated, cow farming hicks". Not good to stereo type.

Every fan base has idiots like that. Its really unfortunate, but when you wear the opposing teams jersey into the home teams stadium, sometimes this kind of stuff happens.
I'm sorry to hear that, but I had season tickets last year and there were people giving people that gave people wearing the other team's colors a hard time. I never heard people being quite that mean, in fact I remember some people standing up for people wearing the opposing team's jersey. For example, there was a chargers fan who was being kind of obnoxious and he was there by himself. He wasn't saying anything malicious, he was just having fun. But he was making some people mad so they started yelling at him and being pretty mean to him until a Seahawks fans stood up for him.


When the Seahawk players were announced, we applauded and considered ourselves very lucky to be seeing an NFL team play live. We weren't even upset that the Ravens lost the game....we were just grateful for the experience of seeing these amazing athletes....both the Ravens AND the Seahawks. It's just a shame that we left the game feeling like we had been cheated out of that experience. It says on the jumbo-tron that if you are being harassed, to contact security. I didn't even consider that option...doing that would have angered more Seahawk fans. It's sad that you have to take off your logo hat and cover up your team's colors for fear of being physically hurt. Other Seattle fans saw (& heard) these guys calling us filthy names, but not one of them intervened and told them to stop....so obviously they were ok with us being harassed!! #ONE says that it's not good to stereotype people...but he himself did it by mentioning Montanans as "un-educated, cow farming hicks". For the most part, the people in Seattle were extremely nice and friendly....until we went to that damn game! And just FYI...our Montana cows are VERY educated...even if they are being raised by hicks. :)
Blah...Blah....Blah....Maybe the Ravens lost because the "12th man" or "12th fan" were so drunk, obnoxious, and loud that the Ravens couldn't hear each other. Don't win by playing a better game....just let the fans scream....the "12th man" or "12th fan" or whatever that stupid motto is. If the Seahawks didn't have the big-mouth fans....they'd NEVER win a game!
After reading that post, I'm starting to doubt your story. Maybe they did say what you said they did, but you just seem like an upset Ravens fan making a small incident seem bigger than it actually was.
"stupid", "stuck-up", "Starbucks", "Seahawks", "Seattle"....hey, they ALL start with an "S". Coincidence? I think not!! BTW...my profile info says I've been a Seahawks fan since 1984....This is NOT TRUE!! I had to put some number in there just to create an account. Wanted to clear that up.
This is getting even better...
Not really much to say, I mean none of us were the drunk people yelling at her. We've apologized on their behalf. If she still wants to come in here and bitch about Seattle, that's her deal I suppose.

From my experience though people don't usually keep yelling at you unless you're yelling back.