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Policy Multiple Usernames

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Starting at this point, the registering of multiple screen names for the any purpose other than technical malfunction is strictly prohibited. Anyone who purposely creates multiple usernames in order to 'mock' another user will be banned or have their account suspended.

This creates unnecessary stress on the database, and ruins the "recently registered users" feature.

At that point it was much more difficult to monitor IP address usage of multiple names, so people continued to ignore the rule and get away with it. This new software makes it much easier to figure out who's using what, so if I suspect you're using multiple names I will look into it.

Everyone knows that we have never been sticklers about anything. I probably have edited/deleted only a handful of posts and banned a handful of people since I have been here, but this is a site quality issue. When people rig the reps, polls, etc. it ruins many of the features the site has to offer.

YOU ONLY NEED ONE USERNAME. PICK ONE AND DO NOT CHANGE. If I find out that someone is logging in under four or five names to rig polls or damage someone's rep, I'm going to ban you.
Not open for further replies.