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Official Game Day Thread: Seahawks @ Atlanta - 12/19: LOSS 34 - 18

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Portland, OR
Szat - our defense didn't play tough, they fucking allowed the Falcons to dink and dunk them all up and down the field. That is how ATL plays their football and our defense let them convert almost every 3rd down. That was pathetic.


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CentralValley, CA
Thanks for the info/history, you guys. (Esp. 94.) Forgot about the Chargers. I think I also blocked that Cardinals season from my memory even tho both were only two years ago! Other teams' records are like math homework for me: quickly forgotten when no longer needed.

As the saying (and film title) goes, "Any given Sunday."
Just still embarrassing when it's such a lousy division.

kdawg2980;52535 said:
The Vikings the next day at 8-8 beat the Packers.

Then in 2008 you had EVERYONE crying when the 11-5 Patriots were sitting at home and the 12-4 Colts had to play at the 8-8 San Diego Chargers only to see the Chargers win.

That same 2008 playoffs featured the "worst" playoff team of all-time the NFC West Champs Arizona Cardinals. That same Cardinals team was one great catch away from winning the Super Bowl.

So to all the people who hate on the Seahawks winning the divison at 7-9 can seriously STFU! I honestly think the Seahawks can beat the Saints. The Seahawks will have the "Nobody believes in us" momentum as all week long EVERYONE will be bad mouthing them on how they don't deserve to be there. Plus Qwest will host their first playoff game in three years so the atmosphere will be pretty electric I'd imagine.
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