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True. It is sad. Blue hasn't been around for 6 months or so leaving Ida as the so called moderator, more like censor. Now only 4 or 5 posters sometimes with no posts for days on end.


If people don't create topics then there's nothing to discuss . I removed the Ram and his constant trolling so maybe it will pick up again , if not I'm only one person , sorry if they pull the plug :) it's fire season and I own a Bbq business so I'm super busy this time of year . I'll try and create topics when possible and maybe you guys can help too :)
Stuck a fork in it months ago. This forum died because some people took too long to get rid of trolls.

Now its dead.


I'm still alive. Honestly though, should just close this site down and reboot it as something new and advertise it on Facebook more. Just a thought.


If you let the Ram get to you then he beat you and the sites not going down because of one guy ? That's weak

The fact there is nothing going on is nobodies fault but our own .