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Recent content by twelvewins

  1. twelvewins

    Back to football!!

    The back 4 can't do it all. We need the front 7 too. Since Kam helps the front 7 a lot I hope we can get him in as soon as possible but I've never liked training camp holdouts. He's under contract.
  2. twelvewins

    Okung to represent himself in free agency

    I just don't see us being happy with Okung at his current cap value.
  3. twelvewins

    Back to football!!

    Very happy both RW and Wagner are locked in. Sad to see McDaniels go. Any chance the cap will grow enough to bring him back?
  4. twelvewins

    Big Willy $

    What about a 7 year extension, smaller money $12M per year, a huge bonus up front $40M, no balloon years until the final year at like $25M, and a small ownership stake 1 to 2% if he is a Seahawk 4 Life? That keeps him under 19 per year, pays for past performance, and provides security if he...
  5. twelvewins


    Based on my limited cap knowledge this is also appears to be cap neutral deal for this season. The next two years would be higher 11.5M and $9.5M) so while it is possible he plays two more years it seems unlikely.
  6. twelvewins


    Rumored terms: $7.5M Bonus + $4.5 Guaranteed salary 2015 $9M Salary 2016 $7M Salary 2017 Take away is this: "Lynch was scheduled to make $7 million in 2015, the final year of a four-year contract. So, basically, he got another $5 million to return for one more year."...
  7. twelvewins


    http://www.seahawks.com/news/articles/article-1/Seahawks-running-back-Marshawn-Lynch-signs-two-year-extension-through-2017/d19334e3-293a-4bb9-b15b-8eb48c5e305e Yay 3 more years* *NFL contracts are not guaranteed and RB's get cut all the time.
  8. twelvewins

    Super Bowl for Ndamukong Suh?

    http://nflmocks.com/2015/03/02/dt-ndamukong-suh-free-agency-fits-raiders-colts-seahawks/ "If it is all about a Super Bowl for Ndamukong Suh then the reigning NFC champion Seattle Seahawks will most definitely be in play. They could use more help along their defensive front after the way Tom...
  9. twelvewins

    Lofa's Back

    Steve Largent Dave Krieg Matt Hasselbeck Russel Wilson Kam Chancellor Lofa might be 6th.
  10. twelvewins

    Is a #1 WR the biggest offseason need ?

    Well Ndomakung Suh wants to come to Seattle, it's possible other FA's will want to also. Perhaps reducing their $$ demands for a couple seasons. Unlike Basketball and Baseball where you can conceivably play forever, NFL = Not For Long and these guys grab as much money as they can.
  11. twelvewins

    Is a #1 WR the biggest offseason need ?

    Only 6 catches this season. We don't seem to use the position much to catch the ball, which is surprising to me considering how often we run.
  12. twelvewins

    Who's going to be the new DC ?

    Raider disagree. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/12289953/oakland-raiders-hire-ken-norton-jr-defensive-coordinator Not that it is an endorsement.... just sayin
  13. twelvewins

    Is a #1 WR the biggest offseason need ?

    I don't know but I would think TE is a bigger need than WR. Maybe OL help too.
  14. twelvewins


  15. twelvewins


    Not surprisingly, 3/4 LOB members would've sat any other game. Unbelievable how close we came in spite of all the injuries. LOB played well enough for us to win. Fantastic team. Hope we can make a healthy run next season.
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