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Tapatalk for iPhone, iPad & Andriod Mobile Platforms

Seahawks Huddle is available for MOST mobile devices.

Tapatalk created an official app for your iPhone/iPad/Android mobile devices that will allow you to view vBulletin forums(and many other forum types). This site has the Tapatalk plugin installed. The cost for the app is $2.99 for the full version, which will allow you to post message, reply to private messages and post attachments from your phone. Purchasing the app ensures that you get FREE updates for the lifetime of the app. There is also a FREE version from Tapatalk that will allow you to view the forum but not reply to threads.

Here is some official Tapatalk information from their website:

Tapatalk for iPhone provides full forum access on iPhone including ability to check private messages, upload photos from your camera and ability to search forum, etc. All with super-fast direct forum access at only $2.99.

Tapatalk for iPhone was released on July 2009 with over 20 updates until now. It is currently ranked as Top 25 Social Networking app in Apple app store in United States, England, German, Spain, Sweden, Australia, Canada and in many other countries.

Tapatalk for Android has most of the same features of our iPhone version plus other unique highlight such as Widget and Theme switching support. It supports Android 1.5 or higher. Well tested on Droid and Nexus One. Tapatalk for Android is currently ranked as Top 3 Android app (Paid, Social) at the Android Market!

Tapatalk for BlackBerry is currently in public beta testing. You can download it using OTA (Over-The-Air) method by entering Download Tapatalk for BlackBerry(http://tapatalk.com/bb) in the BlackBerry Browser. Tapatalk for Nokia supports all S60 3rd and 5th Edition devices, that covers almost all the Nokia medium to high-end model!

Screenshots of the iPhone Mobile Platform(iOS; similar view for the iPad):

Screenshots of the Android Mobile Platform:

Check out http://www.tapatalk.com for more information!

Post any comments/questions here. Also, if you actually view this forum on your mobile device, post some feedback so I know how well it is working.

There is also a free version of Tapatalk called Tapatalk RO, the difference being RO is Read Only meaning you cannot post.
bobflipaburger;44353 said:
is this just for iPhones and blackberrys or is it also on the android app market as well?
I checked out the site and it's free right now since it's in beta stage. "Search for 'tapatalk' in Market from your Android phone."


Yeah, forgot to mention Tapatalk is working on an Android version. Which will probably costs $2.99 once it goes gold.

Most of their live versions will cost $2.99 once they move out of beta. Their BlackBerry app looks interesting and has a lot of promise like their iPhone app.
Well I'm looking to get a smart phone probably in July. Maybe the Droid. Kind of depends on what's out at the time. I'm not getting a blackberry and I have Verizon so no iPhone so It will have to be an Android phone. Probably the Droid unless something better comes out by then.
If you get good reception with AT&T, nothing beats an iPhone, IMO. I worked for T-Mobile and had a BlackBerry, then Android. Now I work for Clearwire and I have an iPhone and it is by far the best handset I have owned. Since I am in Seattle proper, reception is not a problem for me. Therefore the faster HSPA technology and ability use data and voice at the same time vastly outweighs any benefit Verizon could offer me.


iPhone will be coming to Verizon eventually just depends how long you want to wait. I was surprised Apple did not say something about that during their most recent conference.
I live in the middle of no where and the only reception we can get out here is provided by a Verizon cell phone booster we had to buy for $200. So reception is an issue.


Bumping this. Updated the first post with more information. Nice little app that interfaces with vBulletin.