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Official GameDay Thread: Vikings @ Seahawks - 8/20: LOSS 20-7

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Seattle, WA
Hill looked good, Brock looked really good, Bryant made a hell of a play on a screen pass, Chancellor laid down some big hits and looked good from what I could see, of course Pinkard's forced fumble for a touchback was a huge play, Whitehurst looked like he deserves to start with the first team one of these final preseason games just to see what he can do.

Its obvious to me Washington understands the zone running game better than our other backs, Lynch is too impatient, Forsett looked ok but I don't understand giving the smallest back we have the ball 4 times in a row on the goal line...

Curry didn't look very good, I can remember one time in particular that he had a clean shot at getting to the QB, but he big HARD on play action and they ended up getting a first down, Jennings still can't position himself right once the ball is in the air, but the 1st team defense did a good job of holding them to field goals overall. Tate... I really like this guy's skill set, but he has to learn how to catch with his hands better and how to be effective on more routes, he's dangerous in space but they can't just throw him WR screens all day, offensive line....... smh.... False starts, lack of effort on some plays, poor protection especially when T-Jack was in the game lots of negatives there but I guess we all had to figure they weren't going to gel over night... Still doesn't excuse the false starts, but it IS preseason so if you're going to make a huge number of mistakes that's a good time for it.
Agreed. Maybe they're struggling to find a spot for Forsett on the team now that Washington is running well. So far, I think Clayton would be a better option on goal line situations as well as short yardage.


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I think Charlie has earned a chance to go with the 1's for the next pre-season.

It absolutely didnt make sense to go to Justin Forrset 4X on the goal line, might be a little experement.... There is only room for 3 RB's and we have 2 'scat' type backs.
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